FELLOW TRAVELER Papers at UC Santa Cruz

So terribly pleased and proud to report today that the Fellow Traveler original notes, two early drafts, and the last pre-publication manuscript with handwritten corrections have all now been donated to the McHenry Library at UC Santa Cruz, where these documents will reside within the overall Grateful Dead Archive.


I have to say that this feels like the final step in this novel’s twelve-year journey, and in a way symbolically closes the door on the long evolution of the book from idea to published edition (and e-book). How wonderfully gratifying to know that a future aspiring writer may examine these drafts (along with the final published version) and perhaps learn something from the lengthy process of crafting Fellow Traveler!


Deadheads and other interested parties who may wish to participate in preserving the archival records surrounding this American cultural legacy (the Grateful Dead, not Fellow Traveler) may do so by contributing to the Archive here. For the original FT review by GD Archivist Nick Meriwether, please click here, and to see what other titles my publisher Muddy Ford Press offers, click over to their website here!

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